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OSB oriented strand board
Announcer:Xing Yong Hong  Date:2018/12/11 9:40:39  Views:418

The raw materials of Ou Song board are mainly soft needles, small-diameter woods of broad-leaved trees, fast-growing thinning materials, etc., such as eucalyptus, Chinese fir, and poplar wood. The sources are relatively wide and can be made into large panels (such as 8×32 feet or 12 ×24 feet). The manufacturing process is mainly to dry, sizing, oriented paving and hot forming a certain geometry of the flakes (usually 50 mm to 80 mm long, 5 mm to 20 mm wide, and 0.45 mm to 0.6 mm thick).

Ou Song board is made of high-grade environmentally friendly adhesive, which meets the highest environmental standard EN300 in Europe. The finished product is in full compliance with European E1 standard. Its formaldehyde emission is almost zero. Compared with natural wood, it is far lower than other wood, which is the highest in the market. Graded decorative panels are truly green and environmentally friendly building materials that fully meet people's requirements for environmental protection and healthy living. The market price of Ou Song board is also comparable to that of high-grade large core board, and regardless of environmental performance or physical characteristics, Ou Song board has comparable goodness.

It is closer to the blockboard than the Australian pine board.

It is made of small diameter timber, thinned wood and wood core. It is processed into special 40-100mm long, 5-20mm wide and 0.3-0.7mm thick flakes by special equipment. It is deoiled, dried, sizing and oriented. An oriented structural sheet made by a process such as loading and hot pressing. The surface flank is arranged in the longitudinal direction, and the core flank is arranged in the horizontal direction. This criss-crossing arrangement reorganizes the wooden texture structure, completely eliminating the influence of the internal stress of the wood on the processing, making it extremely easy to process and moisture-proof. Sex.

Due to the directional structure inside the Ou Song board, there are no joints, no gaps, cracks, good overall uniformity and high internal bonding strength. Therefore, both the center and the edge have the superior nail holding ability that ordinary sheets cannot match. The European board relies on the chemical kingdom - Germany, the adhesive used always maintains the world's leading position. The formaldehyde emission of the finished product meets the highest European standard (E1 standard in Europe) and can compete with natural wood.