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The difference between PVC board and acrylic board
Announcer:Xing Yong Hong  Date:2018/12/11 9:59:04  Views:454

PVC board and acrylic board are all building materials. They are widely used in various buildings. Many people don't know much about PVC board and acrylic board. If you don't know which kind of board is better, then the following introduces the PVC board and Acrylic board, look at the difference between PVC board and acrylic board, let's understand it!

PVC board and acrylic board introduction

First, the introduction of PVC board

1, the definition of PVC board

The appearance of PVC sheet is honeycomb mesh structure, which is used for surface layer packaging of various panels, and is applied in many industries such as building materials and medicine, among which the building materials industry accounts for a relatively large proportion. PVC is divided into soft PVC and hard PVC according to softness. It is divided into PVC crust foaming board and PVC free foaming board according to the production process. It is also divided into PVC transparent board and PVC board.

2, the advantages of PVC board

PVC boards have a long service life, generally not less than 50 years, and have a unique anti-aging formula design, which can be well applied in various climates. It has outstanding waterproof performance, no waterproof layer, and is resistant to wind and earthquake. It is very safe and reliable in both high-rise and coastal areas. Its color is rich, its personality is novel, and it has strong resistance to acid and alkali, fireproof and heat insulation.

3. Simple construction and economical saving

The construction of PVC board is relatively simple, and it can be directly nailed, sawed, etc. It is light in weight, and it is lighter in handling, and it is an economical material. It is currently the lightest and lowest cost material in medium and high-grade buildings.


Second, the acrylic board introduction

1. Definition of acrylic sheet

Acrylic is a kind of chemical material. The specially treated plexiglass can be combined with aluminum-plastic sheet profiles and high-grade screen printing to meet the needs of different users.

2, the advantages of acrylic board

Acrylic sheet has a transparency of 92%. It is known as “plastic crystal”. It has good weather resistance, good surface hardness and gloss, large processing plasticity, and can be made into various shapes. The variety of plates is rich in color and thick. The transparency of the board is also extremely high. It also has the advantages of light weight, low cost and easy molding.